Exfoliate & Hydrate Set

Exfoliate & Hydrate Set
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This nourishing set includes 5 ultra-hydrating and exfoliating products designed to detoxify skin and remove dead cells without stripping your skin of its natural moisture. Reduce inflammation, heal acne scars, fade pigmentation spots, and restore hydration to dull, dry skin. Get a smoother, brighter, healthier complexion.

Set Includes:

Purifying Charcoal Peel Mask

Deep Clean Facial Scrub

Flash Mask & Cleanser

Daily Defense Hydrating Lotion

Age Defense Eye Crème

Ideal for men with normal, dry, combination, or oily skin.

Every product in this moisturizing set is designed to hydrate dull, dry skin without causing breakouts or blemishes. Natural exfoliation gently eliminates excess oil without over-drying and helps heal scars and dark spots. The result is softer, healthier, more moisturized skin.

Purifying Charcoal Peel Mask-- Unclog pores, draw out impurities, and tone skin without over-drying.

Deep Clean Facial Scrub— Gently exfoliate dead skin for a smoother, brighter complexion.

Flash Mask & Cleanser— Remove dirt and excess oil while energizing skin.

Daily Defense Hydrating Lotion— Moisturize skin without causing breakouts.

Age Defense Eye Crème— Reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet.

Fermented Bamboo is loaded with anti-aging silica that promotes collagen production while hydrating skin and fighting free radicals.

Charcoal gently exfoliates to unclog pores and draw out deeply imbedded dirt for cleaner, clearer, more even-toned skin.

Caffeine improves lymphatic circulation which reduces puffiness, dark circles, and redness while tightening skin and smoothing fine lines.

Sesame Seed is a powerhouse of anti-inflammatory nutrients that reduce redness, heal inflammation, and revitalize tired skin.

Panthenol is a powerful humectant that draw water to the skin’s surface and holds moisture there for a softer, smoother complexion.

Citrus nourishes dry skin, reduces inflammation, brightens the complexion, and tightens pores without over-drying.

A combination of hydrating and exfoliating ingredients across 5 products work synergistically to moisturize, heal, and restore your skin’s natural balance for softer, smoother, more supple skin.

  • Hydrates to the deepest layer

  • Gentle exfoliation won’t cause irritation

  • Heals, restores, and rejuvenates tired skin

  • Cruelty free and safe for sensitive skin

  • Free from parabens, sulfates, and artificial fragrances

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Customer Reviews

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Michael Molina

Su producto me cambio la vida. Grasias a todo el equipó de trabajo por todo su esfuerzo. El producto es espectacular para mi cara.

Chris Hazzen
Good simple skin care

Love these products, no harsh chemicals, sticky skin, nor messed up scents.

Craig F

Seems to be helping my dry skin. Works great!

Jim McKechan

Exfoliate & Hydrate Set

Jeremy Blesi

Exfoliate & Hydrate Set