• Testimonial
    Cooling Post-Shave Sheet Mask
    Tim M.
    11 months ago
    I love the way this sheet mask makes my skin feel when I use this after I shave. It's great to travel with too!
  • Testimonial
    Triple Action Gel Face Wash
    6 months ago
    Love this product. It's my go to in the shower. Since this face wash is a 3 in 1 — it lightly exfoliates my skin while I'm washing my face. I can totally tell the difference in my skin since using this product. I feel like my skin is brighter and my pores are much smaller.
  • Testimonial
    Age Defense Eye Cream
    1 months ago
    Love this product. I have a mix of low and high end products. This eye cream is great for dark circles that I have due to genetics and from working 15hr shifts in 4 hours of sleep. I haven't noticed any difference in wrinkles but being 21 that isn't my main concern at the moment. It works better than products 4x the price. When it gets low it is a little harder to get out of the tube. I recommend cutting it open and storing it in a small travel jar.
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